Best Friends Tag

Best Friends Tag

Do you know each other well as best friends? Well, there is one way to find out and that is by asking these best friends tag questions. So ask these questions and see how much do you besties know each other.

Best Friends Tag


A best friend tag is a tag that indicates how well you and your best buddy know each other. From the tiniest details to the most significant matters.

One of the nicest feelings in the world is having a best friend. It's as if you always have your soulmate with you, with whom you can share anything and do the most insane things.

You both have to answer these questions for each other to know who knows more about their best friend.

55 Best friend tag questions

1.When did you meet?

2. What were you two wearing when you first saw each other?

3. Where did you notice each other first?

4. Where did you first meet?

5. What was your first impressions of each other?

6. When did you guys know that you are so alike?

7. When did you get close emotionally?

8. What was your first argument about?

9. What is your favourite memory of each other?

10. Explain each other in words?

11. What are you both most scared of?

12. Tell each other insecurities?

13. What are your nicknames at home?

14. List three items your bestie always carry with them?

15. What is your favourite movie to watch together?

16. Do you have any common celebrity crush?

17. Tell each other's shoe sizes?

18. What's our favourite inside joke?

19. If you were ordering a pizza, which toppings would you order?

20. What’s their favourite food?

21. What is their favourite ice cream flavour?

22. What’s your go-to song?

23. Which song makes you both dance?

24. Who is your best friend's favourite superhero?

25. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

26. What are your bestie's favourite clothing brands?

27. What is your go-to beverage order?

28. Who is your favourite YouTuber?

29. What concerts have your best friend been to?

30. What was your best friend’s favourite movie as a kid?

31. Who out of you both takes longer to get ready?

32. Who gets annoyed easily?

33. Who is more hot-tempered?

33. When was your first kiss?

34. Who gets in trouble the most at school?

35. Where was your best friend born?

36. What are the first names of your best friends parents?

37. Which Netflix series does your best friend likes the most?

38. What is your bestie's dream car?

39. What is your best friend's zodiac sign?

40. What colour are your BFF’s eyes?

41. Who is more likely to get fired from a job?

42. What is your favourite junk food?

43. what does your bestie like more chocolate or candy?

44. Who is the better cook?

45. Who cries easily?

46. Who is more likely to get kicked out of class?

47. Which friend does the homework and which one copies?

48. For how many years have you been best friends?

49. What is your best friend's dream job?

50. Who reads the most books?

51. What is your best friend's lucky number?

52. Who is more likely to get arrested?

53. Have your bestie ever stolen anything?

54. Has your friend ever tried alcohol?

55. What is your bestie's spirit animal?

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